Meeting Venue

Academia Sinica
The Academia Sinica, headquartered in the Nangang District of Taipei, is the national academy of Taiwan. It was founded in 1928 to promote and undertake scholarly research in sciences and humanities. From its inception, Academia Sinica has been committed to the unimpeded quest for knowledge and the pursuit of academic excellence. Currently, Academia Sinica portfolio consists of 24 Research Institutes and seven Research Centers.

Academia Sinica is located in eastern Taipei, and is easily accessible to downtown Taipei, the business centers and building 101. This location not only allows the ease of travel for the participants during the conference, but also provides opportunity for the visitors to enjoy the stunning night life in Taiwan after the conference. The conference will be held at Humanities and Social Science Building (Building No.24), in Academia Sinica for which the relative location is shown below in the map of Academia Sinica campus.

MAP 顯示詳細地圖